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Calling this trip Rideabout Summer 2015

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Calling this trip Rideabout Summer 2015

Heading out soon. Likely sometime within the next 3 days. I'm leaving on my Honda nc700x motorcycle from Austin, Texas and have no clue where I'm going. Just wandering for about a month I think.

No plan or route. No specific destinations I'm trying to see. Just going.

I'll likely let the weather forecasts dictate my direction somewhat since I'd rather avoid camping in the rain and wiping 18-wheeler highway sludge off my face shield.

If I see a little town in the middle of nowhere that I've never heard of before, that doesn't have any tourist attraction, but my gut intuition is telling me I ought to stay for a day or two, then that's what I'll do.

To be honest, not having a plan at all feels very awkward and it causing me a little bit of anxiety. But, I'm also a little excited about it too.

- - -

I've also set up the Vicarious Travel Postcard thing I've done on a couple previous trips that folks seem to dig. It's mostly a way to force myself to edit the best moments down to an image and minimal text than can fit on a postcard. And, a way to create something that's essentially one-of-a-kind and limited edition. They're postcards created from my images on the trip, and text to go with them. The location and time they are sent from is printed on the card. Each one is unique in this way. I couldn't even reproduce them if I wanted to, because they get deleted off the service after 3 months. If I went all the way back to the exact same location to resend the postcard to the same address, it'd still be different because the postal date stamp won't be the same.

If this sounds cool to you and you'd like to be a part of it, I've set up this page with more info and a way to purchase it. After the cost of the cards and postage, I really don't make that much off them, but I love documenting this stuff and taking others along vicariously for the ride too. If I'm lucky, I'll have enough left over to pay for some of travel costs.

There's a "Deadline" of 7/8/2015 before I close it off for more Vicarious Travelers, but I'll likely leave it open until the first card goes out. Likely within a few days of departure I think.


I'll also add some text, images, etc. from the road on my main site blog HERE

Stay tuned!

Skip Hunt