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Patreon Sedition Art and Magic Mexican Mojo

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Patreon Sedition Art and Magic Mexican Mojo

On the Road Again... In Search of Magic Mexican Mojo :)

MOJO: The time I sent out a newsletter I was about to head off to Bolivia and Peru. That trip ended up being over 2 months long and was incredible. I definitely have to go back. I'd been to Peru before but discovered even more ground to explore there too. But before I do, I've been feeling a need to recapture some of that first magical Mexican mojo I soaked up on my first travel adventure out of the U.S. back in 1990. And, I purchased a budget one-way ticket to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico leaving this coming Monday.

I don't plan on being there very long. It's just the airline ticket was actually less expensive than a bus ride going down that far and it saves me a good 20hrs of travel, give or take. From there, I don't know. Likely a little further South, the hook over toward Mexico City. Not sure though. Will be making it up as I go. The goal once again is to keep it all pretty open to the Universe and hope the Great Spirit shows me the way.

There are a few postings from the Bolivia + Peru trip on my blog HERE and there are also a few images from that trip available HERE

PATREON: Launched on Patreon!😎 - The way this works is that folks who want to support my work, can become a patron by pledging monthly. You can change the amount to whatever you can swing, down to even $1 a month. And, you can either change the amount monthly or you can cancel at any time.

I'll be adding more incentives as I go along, but I decided to start off with a low suggested monthly (that you can change), and a second level that has the Vicarious Travel Postcard component for $30. If you just want to get in on the Vicarious Travel Postcard, you can sign-up now, and then reduce or cancel the pledge after the first month. It's up to you. Just pick that option and include your mailing address.

I was hesitant about Patreon at first. Seemed too good to be true, but I've watched them grow and become quite respected worldwide over the last few years and am convinced it's now a great and viable platform for content creators and artists with folks who'd dig supporting them and becoming a patron. Please consider becoming a supporting patron of mine and join me for this next great chapter!

IMPORTANT: If you are signing up for this reward, you must scroll down on the pledge page to enter your mailing address BEFORE entering your credit card number. Otherwise, it won't go through. I need the mailing address so that I know where to send your postcards. :)

SEDITION ART: A couple weeks ago a friend, and now collector/patron of my work :) suggested I check out this new digital fine art service Sedition Art.

Still wrapping my head around the nuts and bolts, but basically the platform allows collectors to buy, sell, trade digitally certified limited edition works of art. It's all handled in sort of a secure server-based digital bank.

I've been following the site for a couple weeks and really love the work on display there. Decided I'd give it a shot and see how my work might do, and launched my first collection of 5 yesterday. There's a digital painting, video, and 3 photos. Eventually, I'll try out some more experimental glitchy loops and such. Already got my first collector! :)

In order to launch, I had to invite a few people for a "private viewing" before it goes "public". I picked a few out of my mailing list in order to launch it publicly today.

It's very cool and I'm thrilled to be a part of it! You can check out my first collection HERE

Interesting times we're living in. It'll be interesting to see how all this evolves. I'm still very green to this new way of collecting art, but figured it was time to get my feet wet. We'll see how it goes.

That's it for now. I'll be doing my usual posting from the road in Mexico when I have connectivity, but I'm going to try and keep the majority of it housed on my new Patreon site. If you've dug what I've done in the past, and want to support my continued efforts, please consider becoming a Patron! :)

I'll be doing some postings from the road on my Instagram Feed as well.

Looking forward to hopefully revisiting the peace sign of stones I completed a couple years ago out in the San Luis Potosi "Huiricuta" desert. My guess is that the goats have likely kicked it all the heck by now. LOL

Hasta Luego,

Skip Hunt
Austin, Texas